Located in The Blissful Heart Wellness Center

45 NW Greeley Ave. Bend, OR 97703

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~Our Unique Approach to Hair~

A conscious, holistic, & sustainable boutique salon in downtown Bend, Oregon.

Welcome to Fifth Element Hair Studio,where it is our passion to accompany and assist your hair on its journey of being beautiful. Our team of knowledgable and experienced artists are dedicated to helping you look and feel like your most authentic self.


We also feel that it is our responsibility and obligation to do this in a way that is healthiest for people and the environment. We offer a conscious, holistic, and sustainable salon experience using some of the cleanest hair color and hair products on the market, and create almost zero waste. 


Located at the beautiful Blissful Heart Wellness Center, we love being a part of a community dedicated to healthy living. We look forward to having you as our guest and sharing our salon with you. 


  • Consultation - Complimentary​

  • Haircut - $70 +

  • Wash & Style - $50 +

  • Root Touch Up - $115 +

  • Gloss - $90 +

  • All Over Color - $140 +

  • Partial Highlight  - $120 +

  • Balayage & Blonding - $180 +

  • Goddess Glitter (hair tinsel) - per strand $3

  • Dreadlocks & Braids - price per hour $90  

  • Each stylist has individual pricing, be sure to check their booking sites for specific services and prices.

  • Some services require a complimentary in person, phone, or text message consultation prior to booking.

  • Some services are charged by the hour.

  • All services are by appointment only.

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Sarah Marshall

Cat Lady, Rainbow Lover

Founder and Holistic Hair Artist


Sarah truly believes that your experience in a salon is about so much more than just getting your hair done.  Her 14 years in the industry have helped shape her vision of Fifth Element Hair Studio as a place to inspire a healthy and positive image of beauty and the practices around it. 

Sarah specializes in getting you to your hair goals.  Whether you want:

  • natural hair

  • to enhance your hair

  • revive your hair

  • easy, low maintenance hair

  • difficult, high maintenance hair

  • to transition your hair (Even back to natural grey!)

  • dreads (or to maintain dreads)

  • or do something totally fun and crazy 

she will take you through the process and help you understand the possibilities . 

Sarah loves her man and her animal children, family & friends,

animals, plants and nature, being healthy and fit, living in Bend,

snowboarding, paddle boarding, music festivals, traveling,

and adventuring with their little trailer. 

She's also a certified health coach! 

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Heather Greene

Creative dreamer, Lover of self-help books

Holistic Hair Artist and Educator




After 12 years in the industry a few of the things Heather's clients say they appreciate most are her attention to detail, thorough consultation, and genuine love for hairdressing. 

Heather specializes in creating soft textured cuts and natural, lived-in, sun kissed color. Additional specialties include:

  • creating low maintenance hair color

  • building shape into fine hair textures 

  • beachy / tousled hair styles 

  • creating dimensional hair color 

  • de-bulking thick hair to create a more manageable style 

  • blended / layered haircuts 

  • helping clients transition from pixie cut to medium / long lengths

  • improving the health & integrity of over processed / damaged hair

  • helping clients embrace their natural hair color without the painful grow out period (#RockYourGrey)


When Heather's not behind the salon chair you can find her educating other stylists about holistic hairdressing, reading some sort of personal development book, or teaching hip hop dance classes here in Bend.

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Products and Practices



  • Being aware of how the products and practices we use in the beauty industry (and our daily lives) affect our bodies and the earth.We support hair care brands that are committed to ​cleaner ways. We use:

  • Original&Mineral, a coconut oil base hair color which is:

    • Ammonia Free​

    • PPD Free

    • Resorcinol Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Pulp Riot, vivid hair color which is:​​​

    • Paraben Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Olaplex hair repair system is:​

    • Paraben Free

    • Phthalate Free

    • Silicone Free

    • Sulfate Free 

    • Gluten Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Kevin Murphy hair care and styling products​ are:

    • Sulphate Free​

    • Paraben Free

    • Cruelty Free

  • Oway hair care and styling products are:

    • Organic

    • Sulfate Free​

    • Paraben Free

    • PEG Free

    • Petrolium Free

    • Phthalate Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    • Plastic Free

    • Biodynamic & Fair Trade

    • Pure Essential Oils

    • No Synthetic Fragrance

    • No Artificial Colorants

  • Innersense hair care and ​styling products are:

    • Organic​

    • Phthalate Free

    • Ethoxylate Free

    • Sulfate Free 

    • Silicone Free 

    • 1,4 Dioxane Free 

    • Paraben Free

    • Petro compound Free 

    • Propylene and Butylene Glycol Free 

    • PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, & EDTA Free

    • No Artificial Dyes  

    • No Synthetic Fragrances

    • Gluten Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Rich Body Oil ​natural skincare products are:​​

    • Sulfate Free

    • Paraben Free

    • Phthalate Free 

    • Gluten Free

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    • No Synthetic Fragrances


  • The idea that the concept of beauty is all encompassing and is directly linked to health, self care, and wellbeing.

  • Lifestyle and diet choices can directly affect your hair, feelings, and everything else. 

  • Investing in yourself and the products and practices that are in your best interest. 

  • Caring about your environment and the impact you have on it. 

  • We have lots of plants which help filter toxins out of the air.


  • Implementing products an practices that are low toxic and create less waste to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • We are a certified member of Green Circle Salons, a salon recycling program that recovers and repurposes 95% of our salon's waste. Things we recycle:

    • Hair​

    • Foils, Color Tubes, & Aerosol Cans

    • Excess Unused Hair Color 

    • Rubber Gloves

    • Plastic, Bottles, & Cardboard

  • In our salon we use:

    • All LED lighting

    • EcoHeads water conserving shower heads

    • Brands that are low or non toxic and use sustainable practices.



  • Please refrain from talking on your cell phone in our waiting area.

  • Kids are welcome in the salon for a scheduled hair appointment, but otherwise we ask to please find somewhere else for them to be and come and enjoy some time to yourself.  Fifth Element Hair Studio and the Blissful Heart Wellness Center Common Areas are designed to be peaceful and relaxing.  Please help respect our vibe.

  • All unused or barely used full price retail products can be exchanged for other products.

  • All artists reserve the right to decline service for any reason.

Map & Directions


How To Find Us:

Fifth Element Hair Studio is located in the Blissful Heart Wellness Center in downtown Bend, Oregon.  

The easiest way to find the Studio is to use the map to the right. 

Once you are on Hill St, you want to look for the alley between Franklin and Greeley. About halfway down the alley you'll see a white building with a blue metal roof.

Parking is FREE in the gravel lot, or any of the green areas highlighted on the map.

Don't forget, if you are coming from the west side, you can not turn left on to Hill St. because of the Franklin underpass.