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Our Vision

A conscious, holistic, & sustainable boutique salon in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho.

~Our Unique Approach to Hair~

Welcome to Fifth Element Hair Studio, where it is our passion to accompany and assist your hair on its journey of being vibrant and beautiful. Our knowledgable and experienced artists approach each guest individually, taking into consideration your lifestyle and desires, and are dedicated to creating your dream hair to help you look and feel like your most authentic self.


We also feel that it is our responsibility and obligation to do this in a way that is healthiest for people and the environment. We are proud to be a 'Clean Air' salon offering a conscious, holistic, and sustainable salon experience using some of the cleanest and greenest low-and-non-toxic hair color and hair products on the market, and create almost zero waste.

We are happily located in the Cedar Street Bridge Public Market in the heart of Downtown Sandpoint, Idaho with an array of other local shoppes and artists. We look forward to sharing our space with you!

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Our Practices

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Our Practices


"Being fully aware of ones own existence, thoughts, actions, ​etc, 

and the world around you"

We strive to be fully aware of how the products and practices we use in the beauty industry (and our daily lives) affect our bodies and the earth. We support small independent hair care brands that are committed to ​cleaner ways in their ingredients and business practices.

The brands we use in the salon and love are vegan + cruelty free and free of:​​

  • Ammonia

  • Parabens

  • PPD

  • Resorcinol

  • Aerosol

  • Phthalates

  • Gluten

  • Soy

  • Silicones

  • Sulphates

  • Synthetic Fragrance

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'Understanding that all the parts of something are intimately interconnected

and the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts' 

We believe that the concept of beauty is all encompassing and is directly linked to health, self care, happiness, and wellbeing. We believe that investing in yourself, your lifestyle, and the products and practices that are in your best interest, simultaneously impact and benefit the best interests of the environment and the world.  And because we believe that your salon experience is about so much more than just getting your hair done, we hope you leave your time with us feeling inspired, relaxed, and rejuvenated. (Along with having amazing hair!)


​'Made in a way that causes little or no damage to the environment

and therefor able to continue for a long time' 

We implement products and practices that are low-and-non-toxic and create less waste to reduce our carbon footprint and support brands that use sustainable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients. 

We are a certified member of Green Circle Salons, a salon recycling program

​that recovers and repurposes 95% of our salon's waste, keeping it out of landfills and waterways. Things we recycle:

  • Hair​

  • Foils, Color Tubes, & Aerosol Cans

  • Excess Unused Hair Color 

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Plastic, Bottles, & Cardboard

  • & more

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Artists & Services
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Artists & Services

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  • Some services require consultations or inquiry forms prior to booking.

  • Some services are charged by the hour.

  • All services are by appointment only.

  • All service prices include gratuity.

  • All services are priced per service and time, not by gender.

  • All artists reserve the right to decline service for any reason.

  • All services are subject to no show & last minute cancellation fees.

Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall

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Founder & Holistic Hair Artist

Natural Texture, Full Spectrum Color, & Dreadlock Specialist

Sarah specializes in:

  • ​Color correcting back to natural
  • Transitioning to lower maintenance, more authentic color

  • Transitioning color to embrace your grey

  • Long lasting, lived in hair cuts & styles that embrace natural texture

  • Rainbow, unicorn, & mermaid hair

  • Hair health & recovering from conventional hair care

  • Dreadlocks & dread maintenance 

Sarah truly believes that your experience in a salon is about so much more than just getting your hair done.  Her 19 years in the industry have helped shape her vision of Fifth Element Hair Studio as a place to inspire a healthy and positive image of beauty and the practices around it while creating relationships with all different types of people (and helping their hair to look and feel amazing). Sarah is passionate about progressing and evolving the concepts of integrating creativity with business organization and empowering other hairstylists and small business owners to have more aligned and fulfilling careers, and healthier lifestyles. 

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Shop Products

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Shop Products

We partner with some of the top clean and green brands in the beauty industry to offer a great selection of products,

both in the salon and for purchase online through our affiliate links below.

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Physical Address:

334 N First Ave

Unit 204A

Sandpoint, ID 83864

Fifth Element Hair Studio is located upstairs in the Cedar Street Bridge Public Market


Free 2-3 hour Street Parking is available all over Downtown Sandpoint.

Free longer term parking is available in the Public Parking lot 2 blocks away at N Third Ave & Main St.

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