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Holistic Hair Conversations

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Sarah Marshall brings fire in this episode!

Sarah is the creator of Fifth Element Hair Studio in Bend, Oregon. She created the nontoxic, sustainable salon experience after finding a disconnect between how she was living and what products she was working with.

Her journey has opened the doors to provider a container to hold others journey and what is more telling about our personalities then our hair?!

Not only did we talk about women embracing their grey, rainbow colored hair and the creation of dreadlocks, but we dove deeper into the truth of those who judge people for their hair, how letting go of generational fears allows for unrestrained self expression, and how the best practice in business is to find the niche that speaks to your skill sets.

I couldn't think of a better way to celebration International Women's Day then releasing an episode with Sarah, that speaks straight to the hearts of women allowing them to show up just as they choose to be!

Kiki's Insta:@kikismustards


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Heather, our resident educator and the creator of Holistic Hair Stylist Academy covers the spectrum of holistic hair topics in her 'Tea Time' interviews.

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